San Saba County Historical Commission

                                                                                   San Saba County Cemeteries

       These  pages are dedicated to the individuals, families and associations who honor their ancestors and San Saba County pioneers by cataloging and caring for their final resting places which sometimes entails clearing and rescuing very old abandoned cemeteries.

       There are over 60 cemeteries in San Saba County ranging from a single burial to several thousand. In the late 1960s, members of the Historical Commission led by Joyce Capps, Mrs. Nelda Weatherby, Mrs. Geneva Timberlake, Loraine Roberds and Norma Letbetter visited all the cemeteries in the county to record as best as they could the inscriptions on the tombstones before they were lost to time and weather.  San Saba County Cemeteries printed in 1970 was the product of this endeavor.  The index for this book allowed one to search for ancestors without knowing in which cemetery they were buried.   We are indebted to these ladies' foresight as many of the tombstones that they recorded are no longer standing or are illegible.

        In the early 2000s, the Historical Commission decided it was time to update the earlier work. Drawing from
San Saba County Cemeteries and other earlier inventories from individual cemeteries, members set to work walking the cemeteries and recording tombstones.  Soon one member, Dr. Stanley Burnham,  took up the challenge to not only record tombstones but to locate all the burial sites in the county. With the details provided by the work of Dr. Burnham and his wife Millie, individuals interested in securing a Texas Historic Cemetery designation will find much of the work already done for them.  Their complete research, containing plats, site plans, transcriptions, and footnotes in eight notebooks can be found at the Rylander Memorial Library, 103 S. Live Oak, San Saba, TX.  We have reproduced much of their work here. The title of their work is also called San Saba County Cemeteries.

Other books about San Saba County cemeteries to be found at the Rylander Library are:

Chappel Cemetery, San Saba County Texas, Census and Plats by J. B. Harrell Jr. 1993
Come Home to Shiloh  by Steve Brown, 2009
Harmony Ridge & Harris Cemetery of San Saba  by Laverne Terry Rudisill ( with Tony Rudisill & Terry Schoch), 2008
Linn Cemetery  by Laverne Rudisill (with Tony Rudisill & Terry Schoch) 2007
Terry Cemetery by Laverne Rudisill (with Tony Rudisill & Terry Schoch) 2006
The History & Records of the Terry Cemetery San Saba County, TX  by Terry Schoch & Paul Spana
China Creek Cemetery Inventory 2006  Compiled by Doris Cates.  (She continues to update the burials at China Creek.)
San Saba County Cemeteries researched and compiled by Stan and Millie Burnham

Harris Cemetery, San Saba County, Texas  A History of its People   Compiled & Edited by Carlene Peacock Brown  (1991) is not available at the library.